About Vaporin

    Vaporin - The Premier Electronic Cigarette

    Vaporin offers an exciting new smoking alternative for the smokers. Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes resemble traditional cigarettes in look, taste and feel. It’s easy to use, runs on a rechargeable battery and lights up automatically. Users inhale their desired amount of nicotine through the option of numerous delicious flavors. The thing that distinguishes Vaporin vs. traditional cigarettes is, each drag consists of smoke vapors, leaving no ash or butts behind.

    Vaporin is always changing the electronic cigarette industry standard, and continues to be the leader the ecig branding, marketing and customer service. Vaporin is constantly growing as America's most trusted brand of electronic cigarette for the following reasons:

    • Quality: Vaporin's e-cigarettes are made with the highest quality
    • Branding and Marketing: Vaporin always comes up with new promotions and unique marketing approaches
    • Customer Service and Support: Vaporin's customer service support team will always go out of their way to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied
    • Warranty: Vaporin offers a 30 day money back guarantee and also a lifetime warranty to loyal customers

    Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes Offer A Plethora Of Advantages Over Traditional Cigarettes:

    • Rated as the best electronic cigarette available on the market
    • Maximizes volume of smoke vapor
    • User friendly
    • Control over the taste.
    • Free from tar
    • No ash is left behind
    • Free from Carbon Monoxide
    • No fire hazards
    • Free from offensive odors sticking to cars, walls, linen, or clothing
    • Free from smoker's breath.
    • Cost effective as compared to traditional cigarettes.
    • Legally allowed in the areas like restaurants, bars, airports and other places where smoking is banned
    • Free from polluting cigarette butts

    Supportive and efficient customer care services are available 24/7 to provide the right solution to the enquiries and problems of the customers.

    The Vaporin Electronic Cigarette Advantage

    Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes were designed to offer a pleasurably-smooth smoking experience for users. Vaporin Electronic Cigarette packs includes a long-lasting battery and your choice of flavored cartridges. Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes produces a rich, smooth and smoke like vapor. No foul smell, ash or cigarette butts are left behind as a residue.

    A great smoking experience is ensured by our long lasting battery. One Vaporin Electronic Cigarette pack produces 360 puffs or smoke volume, equal to one and a half times the traditional cigarette pack. Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes are available with different flavors and nicotine levels, giving you back the control.

    Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes have a solid, steel shell construction, to ensure the safety of Electronic Cigarettes.

    Light-Air Portable

    There is no need to carry a lighter or a pack of matches along with Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes, unlike traditional cigarettes. User just has to inhale it to enjoy a refreshing experience of smoking. One Vaporin Electronic Cigarette pack is equal to one and a half packs of traditional cigarettes with a slick, slimmer body than the traditional pack.

    Making it easier, no more having to worry about your lighter and pack of traditional Cigarettes, users only have to carry one electronic cigarette to enjoy the experience.

    Replace The Hole In Your Wallet

    Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes are highly cost effective as compared to traditional cigarettes.

    An average traditional pack of cigarettes cost $5-$15. On the other hand, a pack of Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes only cost less than $3. Considering the fact that one Vaporin Electronic Cigarette pack is equal to one and a half times the traditional pack, one Vaporin Electronic Cigarette pack really only costs around $1.76. On the whole, Vaporin Electronic Cigarette packs offer great flavors, a unique smoking experience and all and all comes at an unbeatable price.



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