Super High IQ Davinci Vaporizer vs HoneyStick Turbo HRB – two dry herb vaporizers which are placed at the very top of the quality vapes on the market.

HRB Turbo Dry Herb Vaporizer by HoneyStick

For those looking for a powerful dry herb vaporizer that not only looks amazing but that also performs like a champ – look no further. The HRB Turbo slim, sleek, compact and is available in 3 colors – silver, black and yellow. The HRB Turbo feels very solid, it’s made with an aluminum alloy body with ergonomic grips made of high-quality rubber that makes it easy to hold. It has a high-quality ceramic chamber that is made for vaping with cannabis flower dry herbs. The Turbe herb vaporizer has variable 3 temperature settings allowing you get the desired taste and density of your hits. It goes from 392 degrees to 410 degrees all the way to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. When used at the highest setting, the HRB is capable of delivering super-intense hits that produce large clouds.

Portable Dy Herb Vaporizer - IQ by Davinci

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is a conduction vaporizer for dry herbs. It’s very customizable in many ways - you can adjust the temperature vaping mode in a very innovative way such as their APP with up to one-degree precision from 250° F to 430° F. Read full Davinci IQ Review. They introduce the flavor chamber functionality with Davinci IQ vape unit – used to cool down the vapor as well as to add extra her flavor to your main draw. Davinci IQ dry herb vaporizer comes in four different colors: the copper, stealth, gunmetal, and Blue. The Kit includes two different mouthpiece options - the flat mouthpiece and the water pipe peace vape adapter. Davinci IQ is powered by 18650 type rechargeable battery.