Vape Pen vs Cigarette

Vaping does not require tobacco or the burning process, which makes it more appealing to users. The electronic device vaporizes a glycerin-based vape juice that is infused with flavors and nicotine.

The lungs of vaping users inhale just a vapor, not cancer-causing tobacco smoke. Instead of the toxic fumes produced from smoking, the vape pen produces pleasant tastes and scents. When you vape, you won’t develop the discoloring stains on your nails and teeth. Your clothes, hair, and home will not smell like stale smoke, either. Your friends and family won’t have the breathing difficulties that come along with inhaling secondhand smoke, which can be worse than the effects on the smoker. The question is, can vaping help you toss the cigarettes once and for all? The answer is big YES.

Making the Right Choice

Before you make the transition from vaping to smoking, consider current medical research to make an informed decision. It is essential to realize that both tobacco and vaping juices contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Like other addictive drugs, experts report that nicotine affects endorphins and the brain’s sense of pleasure. So vaping produces the same euphoric feeling without inhaling the harsh carcinogens found in cigarettes.

Most people need some kind of nicotine replacement to wean themselves from smoking tobacco gradually. A vape pen can be the tool you need to reduce or eliminate your dependency. Avoid buying modified e-juice and materials on the black market just because it is cheaper as you have no clue what may be in your e-juice. Use your vape pen or other equipment according to the manufacturer’s instruction, and never make any modifications to the device to enhance your experience.

Where to buy vape pens near me?

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