The Honeystick have some of the widest variety of options when it comes to durable oil vape pens and vaporizers for your ejuice. We also have a wide selection of traditional wax vaporizer pens as well as combo products that can handle both vaping oil and extracts. We only carry products that are reliable and that are made from trustworthy manufacturers.

We sell our very own Honeystick product designs like the newest BeeBox PRO Vaporizer MOD, an innovative Mod which can handle both, most popular ways of vaping which is POD systems, like JUUL as well as classic 510 thread cartridges. Great for vape oil users who like both styles - push-button and buttonless action (BeeBox has auto-draw buttonless functionality for its POD system and push-button powerful function for 510 carts, made with prefilled oil cartridges in mind. 

BeeBox Pro Portable Oil Vaporizer MOD for 510 carts and POD systems

One of our top sellers in our dab wax vape pen category is our very own Plasma GQ wax vape pen which uses a quartz bowl that keeps you wax from ever touching the heating element and possibly overheating. Check out our wide variety of vaporizers for cannabis by sorting through our category selection on the top of the page under the drop-down menu that is labeled “SHOP”.

Plasma Wax Pen - the purest flavor

Here at, our staff members are cannabis experts that help us handpick the products that are listed on our website. This means that the products you find online here are of the highest quality, made with durability in mind. Our products are not only durable, but they’re also very affordable. Unlike other low-priced vape pens, our products don’t sacrifice quality overpricing. We carry some of the best-rated vape pens for dabs, wax, flower, weed and more.