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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

  • Available in various styles, models and colors
  • 11 bold full flavor cartridges and E-Liquid to choose from
  • Works with flavor cartridges cartomizer (cartridges with built-in atomizer) and clearomizer tank-system for E-Liquid refills
  • Elite long lasting lithium-Ion battery technology with fast-easy charging accessories
  • Bright green LED light glows with each enjoyable puff
  • Looks, feels and taste like a traditional cigarette
  • Freedom to smoke almost anywhere

E-Cigarette Flavor Cartridges

  • No tar, No tobacco, No combustion, No ashes, No smoke, No odor - Just Vaporin
  • More puffs per cartridge, increased vapor per puff, mimics an actual cigarette smoking experience
  • 5 nicotine levels to choose from: None 0mg, Low 6mg, Medium 12mg, High 18mg, Extra High 24mg
  • One cartridge holds approximately 250+ puffs, which is equal to one pack of traditional cigarettes
  • Vaporin Electronic Cigarette cartridges cartomizers have a built-in atomizer to ensure you get the maximum vapor and superior taste with each enjoyable puff
  • Vaporin Electronic Cigarette cartridges cartomizers are designed to maximize flavor and provide one of the highest smoke volumes (vapor) in the industry
  • Vaporin Electronic Cigarette cartridges cartomizers are incorporated with a silicone tip in the mouthpiece to prevent leakage and provides maximized draw and resistance like traditional cigarettes

Why are Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes the BEST?

Flavor Cartridges
  • Bigger puff
  • Bolder flavors
  • Built-In atomizer
  • 11 flavors to choose from
  • Ready for easy use
  • Each cartridge is equal to one pack of traditional cigarettes (250+ puffs*)

*Results may vary depending on usage

Retail Locations

Vaporin electronic cigarettes are sold in stores nationwide. Use our unique store locator to find Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes near you.

Benefits over Cigarettes
  • Free from tobacco smoke, only vapor
  • No more lighters or matches
  • 50% less expensive than traditional cigarettes
  • Socially acceptable to smoke at most places
Customer Satisfaction
  • One-year warranty on all orders
  • Free shipping is offered on all products
  • Top notch customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee!